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Rapid-Mic (Fowler)

  • IP67 with or without data cable
  • Delrin quick displacement thimble
  • Adjustable measuring force, 5N/10N
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Non-rotating spindle
  • Also available in a 0-1.18"/0-30mm, 1.18"/2.6"/30-66mm, and 2.6"-4.0"/66-102mm range 

Coolant Proof Micrometer (Mitutoyo)

  • ​IP65 protection against environments expose to cutting oil, dust, and water
  • Measurement data function is available with a water-resistant connection
  • Comes with a certificate of inspection
  • Come options of ratchet stop, ratchet thimble, friction thimble, and a micrometer set
  • Ratchet stops come in a 0-1"/0-25.4mm, 1"-2"/25.4-50.8mm, 2"-3"/50.8-76.2mm, 3"-4"/76.2-101.6mm, 4"-5"/101.6-127mm, 5"-6"/127-152.4mm, 6"-7"/152.4-177.8mm, 7"-8"/177.8-203.2mm, 8"-9"/203.2-228.6mm, 9"-10"/228.6-254mm, 10"-11"/ 254-279.4mm, 11"-12"/279.4-304.8mm range (.0005"/.001m or .0001"/.001m resolution)
  • Ratchet thimbles come in a 0-1"/0-54.4mm, 1"-2"/25.4-50.8mm, 2"-3"/50.8-76.2mm, 3"-4"/76.2-101.6mmrange (.0005"/.001mm resolution)
  • Friction thimble comes in a 0-1"/0-25.4mm, 1"-2"/25.4-50.8mm range (.0005"/.001mm)
  • Micrometer sets come in 0-3"/0-76.2mm 3 piece set, 0-4"/0-101.6mm 4 piece set



Quantumike (Mitutoyo)

  • Faster measurement with 2mm per revolution instead of .05mm
  • ​Patented ratchet thimble mechanism helps ensure repeatablility
  • Function lock helps prevent error, IP-65 protection
  • Comes with certificate of inspection
  • Available in a 0-1"/0-25.4mm, 1"-2"/25.4-50.8mm, 2"-3"/50.8-76.2mm, 3"-4"/76.2-101.6mm range (.0005"/.001mm resolution)​