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ABSOLUTE ID-S (Mitutoyo)

  • ​0-.5"/12.7mm range
  • ​After the intial zero setting with the ORGIN button, the repeated absolute positioning is no longer necessary over the entire battery life
  • ​Employing the ABSOLUTE linear encoder, the ID-S always displays the spindle "absolute position" from the orgin at power-on. Also unlimited response speed eliminates over-speed errors
  • SPC output
  • Can be availble with lug back or flat back


Digital Indicators

Mark VI Sylvac (Fowler)

  • Ranges are 0-.5"/12.5mm, 0-1"/25mm, 0-2"/50mm, 0-4"/100mm, 0-6"/150mm
  • ​Robust construction, protection class IP67 water and coolant resistant
  • Output: Proximity/power-USB/RS232?digimatic/wireless
  • Wide range of functions (min/max/delta, tol, factor, preset, auto off, etc
  • Bezel rotates 270°, includes lug back
  • Lifetime warranty 
  • Available with a wireless bluetooth technology for ouput
  • Also available with an analog display to quickly view reversal points