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  President  Matt Dye , Executive  Vice President Doug  Adkins,  President Shigeyuki  Sasaki  from Mitutoyo  visited The L.F.O'Leary Co office  on 2-21-17. Pictured  here with our staff.  Doug Adkins, Shigeyuki Sasaki, Matt Dye ,Catherine Walsh, Clint  Savage ,Michael O'Leary, Heather Mayes, Roberta Connolly, Cheryl Farrell ,Jon O'Leary.

We are honored  the senior team took the time to visit our facility , Our partnership with Mitutoyo was started 25 years ago, we look forward to continue this  important relationship  for many years to come . We will keep you posted on East Tech May 2017 , Training Seminars , Annual  L.F.O'Leary Co. open house . As well as work with the application staff to coordinate demonstrations  at The Mitutoyo Metrology Center in Marlborough.

Mitutoyo's trip to L.F.O'Leary!

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L.F. O'Leary Co. Inc. –Distributes, calibrates, and repairs precision measurement products. We are an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited dimensional metrology laboratory. We also provide Mobile on-site calibration electronic/calibration management software. We sell precision measurement products including indicators, micrometers, height gages, bore gages, SPC software, thread gages, cylindrical plug & rings, air gages and optical comparators.

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